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Stock for Creatives - The Founding Membership for Wedding & Event Professionals

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2019

Founding Membership for Wedding & Event Pros

Stock for Creatives was born out of the Consultancy for Creatives and the need for people in the industry to have access to high-quality art that they can use to build their brands.  So many of our clients were lacking bright and beautiful photos or were having a hard time getting images from their weddings from the photographers who shot them.  That's not cool.  How can you showcase what you CAN do if you can't get images of what you HAVE done?  It's a tale as old as time in this business.  

  • A wedding planner without a single photo of a bouquet or dinner or the couple - as beautiful as it was, for one reason or another, you have no art.
  • A caterer who has created a gorgeous meal, but doesn't have a single photo of an hors d'oeuvres or a plated entree.

Styled shoots are EXPENSIVE and don't necessarily give you a good return on your investment, either.  Vendors who have business get tired of giving away expensive products and time to vendors who are using the shoot to try to get business.  It's not a sustainable model and the image doesn't always look "real". 

So how can you keep your website up to date with stock wedding photography for wedding & event professionals?  Right here!  For the first 90 days, we're offering a special Founding Membership - it gives you:

  • All the rights to the images already on the website
  • At minimum, 2 galleries per month delivered directly to your account, no need to buy more art
  • First access to new galleries - launching a week prior to the public on sale date
  • Access to the Founding Member focus group where you can request shoots that will help you with your business
  • 20% discount on any Consultancy for Creatives downloadable product or online course


The Founding Membership is only $215/year.  Payable either yearly at $215 or you can also pay quarterly.  Once the 90 days are up, the price will go up and at some point, we reserve the right to limit the number of each gallery that is available to the public - what that membership gives you is exclusivity. 


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