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Let's Talk Wedding Stock Photography Websites

 Why Stock Photography?

So, let's talk about Stock Photography websites and why Stock for Creatives is DIFFERENT and why it's totally the right way to increase your presence, create beautiful proposals and totally rock your website.

Here's the reality...it's not uncommon for people to have their website images stolen and used on other wedding and event websites.  It happens all the time.   It's happened to the best people in the industry and it happens to the small town planner or caterer or floral designer.  It's actually an epidemic.  I've had written and set around 100 cease and desist letters in my 25 years in business...that's a lot.  People have stolen not only my images but my entire "About Sasha" section and when confronted about it, that person said to me "well, it was kind of my story, too" 

But have you ever really looked at wedding stock photography?  They're not really... real.  They're setup, staged people looking...

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